About Us

With AVOBE LEGAL‘s primary focus on Mining & Infrastructure, Excise Act and Real Estate, our teams are well-equipped with resources to undertake any dispute resolution matters arising out of primary practice areas, along with matters related to Banking & Finance, Insolvency & Bankruptcy and Taxation. In a fast-paced world like today, understanding where each client comes from is a necessity as requirements differ. Practice teams at Avobe Legal are efficient, well-read and have a knack for problem-solving through their knowledge and respective expertise. Work is done alongside clients where our stellar team of lawyers understand client businesses and delivers constructive solutions within the relevant framework of the law.  Our people, ethos, outcome-oriented solutions and consistent focus on quality set us apart.

AVOBE LEGAL currently operates through its offices in Jodhpur, Jaipur, and various affiliates across all metros and almost all mini-metro locations across Rajasthan. We are proud of the appreciation we have received from our clients for our commitment to our work, and we value their satisfaction as the best measure of our success.

Our practice

AVOBE LEGAL offers comprehensive legal services across transactional, advisory, litigation, and regulatory matters on primary domains related to Mining and Infrastructure, Excise and Real Estate alongside Banking & Finance and Insolvency & Bankruptcy. We are transparent in our work and have formidable expertise in our niche, covering varied and nuanced needs. Apart from advising our clients domestically and globally, we believe in the holistic development of our people for the evolution of the legal profession and community, hence Avobe Legal has an inclusive team of lawyers who work and collaborate with each other, when the need arises, irrespective of their team bifurcation. AVOBE LEGAL is recognized for its in-depth experience and creativity in handling a wide spectrum of disputes about legal, taxation, regulatory and advisory services to the commercial, industrial and financial clientele. As a boutique law firm, our niche-focused approach allows us to individually focus on every requirement of every client, which enables us to foster long-term professional relationships. We at AVOBE LEGAL also serve the need of micro, small, medium, and large businesses, ranging from start-up work to complex legal issues that a prospect might face. AVOBE LEGAL currently operates through its offices in Jodhpur and Jaipur and has a network of more than a hundred affiliates spread across all rural and urban areas in India, including the metro cities. We are proud of our team and its achievements so far, and also grateful for the appreciation we have received from our clients for our commitment to our work, and we value their satisfaction as the best measure of our success.


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